CINCINNATI KY June 8 2017  Some of the survivors of the Cameo nightclub shooting in Cincinnati have filed a lawsuit against the owners, operators and employees, claiming people who were armed were allowed in through an express and/or a secret back entrance.
Two people died in the March 26 shooting while 17 others were hurt. Eight of them are taking part in the lawsuit.
The lawsuit claims there were three entrances to the club on Kellogg Avenue. The regular and the express entrances in the front, as well as a "clandestine" entrance set up on the back of the business.
The suit claims that for higher entrance fees, people could get into the club with a limited security pat down at the express entrance and no security measures in the secret back entrance.
The lawsuit says the owners and operators were not only aware of the security risks of the club, it claims they were complicit.
The owners and operators are accused of failing to implement a proper security plan, hire enough security personnel, and to maintain a proper lookout for criminal activity.
The Cochran Firm is representing the shooting victims and is planning a news conference for Thursday. The family of O'Bryan Spikes filed a similar lawsuit in April.
Cornell Beckley is charged with murder, involuntary manslaughter and 30 counts of felonious assault. He's set to go on trial in November.
Police also identified Deondre Davis as a suspected shooter. He died from his injuries.The Cameo nightclub closed a week after the shooting.
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North Naples FL June 8 2017 A security guard sounded shaken on the phone as he told a dispatcher about how he found the bodies of a North Naples couple in their home last week.
The man went to Barbara and Michael Bitterman's home in the 12000 block of Collier's Reserve Drive to get their mail and check on the house Wednesday, he said in the 911 call. They were supposed to have left on a trip Tuesday.
He tried to silence the burglar alarm when it tripped, but the code didn't work, he told the dispatcher. He called another security guard at the Collier's Reserve community on Immokalee Road just east of U.S. 41 to notify him of the problem, according to the 911 call.
The guard saw a light on in a hallway and went to turn it off. He then saw a body lying on the floor in the guest bedroom, he said in the 911 call. He believed the body to be that of Michael Bitterman, 74, but he told the dispatcher he wasn't sure.
The Collier County Sheriff's Office received two calls about the burglary alarm — one from the alarm company and another from the community's security team.
The guard who checked on the Bittermans' home waited for deputies outside the mansion and told the dispatcher that he was the one who set off the alarm when he took their mail inside.
When deputies arrived they found Michael Bitterman lying on his back with a gunshot wound to his facial area. Barbara Bitterman, 61, was found lying on the bed with her feet hanging off the edge and a gunshot wound to her facial area.
Deputies found a shotgun on the floor at the foot of the bed, according to a Sheriff's Office incident report. They also found two suitcases full of clothes in the master bedroom.
Their deaths were ruled a murder-suicide, and investigators are waiting for the medical examiner's reports to determine who shot whom, according to Michelle Batten, a Sheriff's Office spokeswoman. Friends and neighbors said the deaths shocked the Collier's Reserve community. They said the Bittermans were active in the community's country club and enjoyed traveling. One neighbor said the couple was going on a cruise last week. Private Officer International
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LAS VEGAS NV June 8 2017 Officers are currently looking for multiple suspects accused in the armed robbery of an armored truck on Monday.
The incident was reported near the intersection of Fort Apache Road and Hacienda Avenue.
According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the armed subjects took money from an armored money truck.
The suspects then fled in a newer white Chrysler 200 and officers are still looking for them.
According to police, one of the suspects has been described as a black man around 25-30 years old, with a heavy build, and wearing a dark hoodie and dark jeans. There were no descriptions of the other suspects.
No injuries were reported during the robbery. Private Officer International
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OAKLAND, Calif. June 6 2017 A man who authorities say illegally rented out space in an Oakland warehouse that caught fire, killing 36 partygoers, and another man who organized the event were each charged Monday with three dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter.
Derick Almena and Max Harris "knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape" when they hosted the dance party Dec. 2 in the Ghost Ship warehouse, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O'Malley said.
Authorities say the site contained flammable materials, faulty wiring and a blocked exit.
"Their actions amount to disregard for human life," O'Malley said.
Both men were arrested earlier in the day.
Prosecutors also said Monday that the cause of the deadly blaze will likely never be known because so much evidence was destroyed.
Court documents show Almena was the primary tenant and rented space to as many as 25 people to live and work in the building licensed only as a warehouse.
Almena allowed Harris to live there, calling him the "creative director," who was in charge of collecting rent, mediating disputes and dealing with the building owner. Harris is accused of renting the upstairs to a dance party promoter on the night of the fire.
Between November 2013 and December 2016, police showed up at the warehouse multiple times to check on complaints but Almena and Harris often met police outside the warehouse and told officers that no one lived there, records show.
Kyndra Miller and Jeffrey Krasnoff, attorneys who represent Almena, did not immediately return phone messages Monday. It's not known if Harris is represented by an attorney.
Relatives of half the victims who died in the fire have filed wrongful death lawsuits against Chor Nar Siu Ng, the building's owner, and Almena, who held the lease. The lawsuits also name Pacific Gas & Electric, alleging the utility should have known the warehouse was wired hazardously.
Almena quickly became the focal point of widespread anger and criticism after the fire. Past residents of the warehouse accused Almena of ignoring hazardous living conditions and putting profits over safety. Visitors described the structure as a warren of scrap wood, sofas, old pianos and snaking electrical cables.
Hours after the fire, Almena posted a comment to his Facebook page that stoked the anger.
"Everything I worked for is gone," Almena posted.
Almena later said he didn't know people had died when he posted the comment.
Four days after the fire, Almena gave a brief, rambling interview with NBC's Today show. He was asked about charging for concerts and subleasing space.
"Profit?" Almena asked host Matt Lauer rhetorically. "This is not profit, this is loss. This is a mass grave. I'm only here to say one thing, that I am incredibly sorry and that everything I did was to make this a stronger, more beautiful community and to bring people together."
Lauer cut the interview short after Almena became combative when asked if he should be held responsible for the deaths.


Almena also lived in the warehouse with his wife and three young children, but was staying the night in a nearby hotel the night of the fire.
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Seattle WA June 6 2017
Seattle police arrested a 28-year-old man early Monday after they say he attacked a security officer and broke through a secured door at Q-13 FOX studios.
Just before 3 a.m., the 26-year-old security guard heard a loud bang at the front window of the TV station, at 1813 Westlake Ave. N., and went to investigate, said police spokesman Patrick Michaud.
The man kicked and struck the security officer, then broke a secure door before walking away as another employee called 911, he said.
The man was quickly arrested across the street from the television station. He told officers he “wanted to meet a friend,” said Michaud, who couldn’t provide additional details.
The security guard did not have any reported injuries, said Michaud. 
The online 911 emergency log does show a single engine responded to the studios on an aid call.
The suspect was booked into the King County Jail on investigation of felony assault. Private Officer International


Police that the man is not known to station employees and do not have a motive for the attack
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Washington DC June 6 2017 The European Commission and US Transportation Security Administration have announced an “unprecedented” air cargo security partnership between the TSA, the EU and Switzerland.
The agreement, which took effect on 1 June, sees the TSA and EU mutually recognising each other’s air cargo security procedures as being of an equivalent high standard – the first time the TSA has recognised a group of nations together rather than on an individual basis.
Transatlantic airfreight between the EU and US totals over a million tons a year in each direction – 20% of all outbound EU air cargo – according to 2010 figures cited by the TSA. The new security partnership enables freight to flow through the 27 EU Member States, the US and Switzerland under a single set of security rules.
"This agreement with the EU and Switzerland will ease the burden on industry and allow for the free movement of goods and commerce between our nations. It will also strengthen security by ensuring that we share information and work together towards our common interests," said TSA administrator John Pistole.

Siim Kallas, vice-president of the European Commission responsible for transportation, added: "With this mutual recognition of our comprehensive and solid regulatory frameworks we create significant savings and simplification for our freight transport industry while maintaining a high standard of security.”

Air Cargo News
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Missoula County MT June 6 2017
A Denver man is facing a felony charge of attempted deliberate homicide after allegedly sticking a gun into the ribs of a security guard and trying to pull the trigger during a late-night altercation in May.
Michael James Vance, 24, appeared in Missoula County Justice Court on Monday. He is also charged with felony assault with a weapon for a March incident in which he allegedly stabbed a different man in the face with a broken bottle outside a bar late at night.
According to charging documents, on May 26 just after midnight, Missoula City Police officers responded to the Bodega Bar on Ryman Street for a report of a man with a gun.
Officers interviewed a security guard, who said he asked Vance to take his backpack out of the bar because it’s against house rules. Vance allegedly became upset, poured two beers on the bar and asked for his money back or he would contact his lawyer.
Vance tried to push the bouncer, who then tackled him and threw him out. About 10 minutes later, according to the documents, Vance returned smoking a cigarette, according to the security guard, and said something like “I got something for you, bi---.”
Vance allegedly had a gun in his right hand and put the muzzle in the security guard’s upper left rib area. As the bouncer reached for the gun, he also reported seeing Vance trying to pull the trigger. As the guard was grabbing the gun, he took out his own knife and stabbed Vance on his left abdomen and pushed him away, according to court documents.
The incident was captured on surveillance video.
Officers found Vance in a car leaving the parking garage. He had blood on his shirt and a wound in his abdomen. He had an active warrant for his arrest for the previous charge of assault with a weapon, and was taken to the hospital to be treated.
Court documents say the other stabbing involving Vance happened on March 12. Officers had observed a man in a red shirt and bandanna at several downtown locations who seemed very agitated.
At the end of the night, officers got a report that a man matching that description had been waving a knife around. Officers went to look for Vance when another man flagged them down and reported that he had been stabbed in the face with a broken bottle by a man who he described as a “rapper dude.”
Officers located Vance in a downtown alley, but when Vance saw police, he allegedly ducked behind a parked car. However, officers arrested him and Vance told him he had a knife in his pocket. Vance allegedly began talking without prompting, saying “some guy had come at him.” Vance later admitted to hitting the man in the face with a broken beer bottle.
Officers later interviewed the victim, who said he confronted Vance about breaking bottles and that a fight ensued. The victim confirmed that he was stabbed in the face with a broken bottle and needed 13 stitches. Vance is being held on $75,000 bond.Private Officer International


He is also being charged with a felony failure to appear charge for not showing up to court to face the charges related to the March incident.
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Demings said he will reveal the shooter's identity during a 1 p.m. news conference.

The visuals of Sheriff Deming standing again before a nest of microphones while describing a deadly shooting evoked several recent tragedies seen by Orange County over the past year. Gov. Rick Scott issued a statement about the incident just after 10 a.m. and touched on the compounding tragedies that have struck the city since last June. 


 “Over the past year, the Orlando community has been challenged like never before. I have been briefed by our law enforcement officials on this tragic incident and Ann and I are praying for the families who lost loved ones today," Scott said in a statement.

"I ask all Floridians to pray for the families impacted by this senseless act of violence. I will remain in contact with the Orlando law enforcement community throughout the day as more information is made available.”

The latest shooting comes nearly a year after a lone gunman entered the Pulse nightclub and shot 49 people to death and wounded several others. 

The sheriff's office tweeted earlier that the "situation" is contained. For about half a mile, North Forsyth Road, north of Hanging Moss Road, is closed.

Shelley Adams said her sister, Sheila McIntyre, called her from the company's bathroom during the shooting and was very upset.

She kept repeating "My boss is dead. My boss is dead," Adams said after state and federal law enforcement authorities converged on the industrial park in Orlando.

Fiamma Inc. calls itself one of the largest manufacturers of awnings for camper vans, motor coaches and sports utility vehicles.


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WAYCROSS, Ga. June 4 2017 - A Ware County assistant district attorney was arrested Wednesday after she shoplifted $600 worth of clothes from the Belk department store in Waycross, authorities said.
Emily Williams was fired the following day, according to the district attorney's office.
"The reality, though, is her role in law enforcement, her ability to enforce the law, that's over," said Randy Reep, a local attorney who is unaffiliated with the case.
The Waycross Police Department said Williams, 41, was seen draping clothes over her shoulder and carrying a bag as she entered a dressing room at the Belk retail store on Memorial Drive.
She then exited the dressing room, passed the cash registers without stopping and walked out the front doors with her purse and a carryall, both of which were filled with clothing, according to an arrest report.
Half-way to her car, police said, she was stopped in the parking lot by a store security officer.
The total value of the clothing she took was $604.77, police said.
In her purse, the report said, the arresting officer found a small bottle without a prescription label that contained eight small, white pills. Police said the pills were identified as Ativan, which is a generic form of lorazepam -- a sedative used to relieve anxiety.
"Do drugs play a part in the crime? Regrettably, often, when you see otherwise middle-class Americans committing crimes, you can almost look with arms reach and find the narcotics, or the anti-anxieties or the psychotropic drugs that are, regrettably, an epidemic in our country," Reep said.
Williams, of Blackshear, Georgia, is charged with theft by shoplifting, possession of narcotics and possession of narcotics not in their original container.
She was booked into the Ware County Jail, where she's being held on $6,000 bond.
Reep, who has dealt with similar cases, said a prosecutor could argue for Williams to be put in a pretrial diversion program to address whether drugs were the underlying cause. But after the arrest, he said, she will no longer be able to work in law enforcement.
"Imagine, if you will, if you have young prosecutors that are trying to hold people to a standard that they themselves cannot meet," Reep said. "There's no way that an elected official can stand having those people in their employment."
According to Reep, fellow prosecutors will not be able to prosecute Williams because of a conflict of interest. POI
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Austin TX June 4 2017 A man suspected of recording women in a changing room of a Forever 21 in Barton Creek Square mall at the end of March faces a charge of invasive visual recording.
According to an arrest affidavit filed on Thursday, police were sent out to the mall after receiving reports that a man had propped his phone up in a pile of clothes in a changing room stall and recorded a woman as she undressed on March 29.
The woman in the dressing room told police she was trying on clothes when the store’s manager knocked on the door and told her someone was taking pictures of her, and that there was video of the incident.
The next day, the man returned to the store and was immediately recognized by staff, the affidavit said.
Mall security officers began following the man until police arrived.
According to the affidavit, responding officers identified the man as Martin Ammerman, 41, and began to ask him questions about his phone.
Ammerman told police he may have left the device at Forever 21, but authorities were unable to find it during a search, the document said.
A security officer eventually found the phone tucked away in some blankets that Ammerman had stopped in front of while being followed by security.
Police found 60 videos and more than 100 photos of various women, some of whom were naked or partially naked in changing rooms, the affidavit said.
Ammerman was not listed as in custody at the Travis County Jail on Friday morning.
Invasive visual recording is a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000. Private Officer International





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